True or Wishful Thinking?

This is a Thinking Out Loud blog.

My husband, Mike Kearns, asked me one time, “Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?” Without considering I responded, “Basically good.” “Why,” he asked, “do you think so?” “Because,” I answered, “I want it to be true.”

This is not the blog I planned to write but one I feel God is pressing on me. It’s about the pre-Tribulation Rapture position. Yes, I know I’ve talked about this some posts back, but not from this perspective. The pre-Trib Rapture is THE accepted position among most Prophecy scholars writing today. But is it true? Or is it believed, at least partially, because we want it to be true?

Yes, it is absolutely true that Daniel’s 70th week, the Tribulation, is intended for the Jews, “Seventy ‘sevens’ are decreed for your people and your holy city…” (Dan 9:24) but does that mean that ONLY the Jews go through the 70th week? Is there a reason why the Church cannot still be on earth when the 70th week at least starts? Yes, it is absolutely true that after chapter three of the Book of Revelation, the letters to the churches, that the Church is not mentioned again in until chapter 19, after the Tribulation. But MUST the last letter, the letter to the church of Laodicea, take place before the Tribulation starts? Is it possible that Laodicea is the church in existence during the early part of the Tribulation and not only the church that is in place today?

If the pre-Tribulation Rapture is true, why does the Bible say, ”Watch. Don’t be deceived. Pay attention. Look forward. Be ready. Keep watch. Pray. See to it. Be careful. Watch. Be alert. Be on guard. Continually.

If pre-Trib. where’s the necessity to “…encourage one another”(1Thes 4:15-16)

If we’re outta here how could “even the elect will be deceived if this were possible”? (Mt 24:24, Mark 13:22)

Even suggesting the mid-Trib position can raise the eyebrows of prophetic writers who, like the politically correct, are frequently reluctant to consider another option. You have to dig to find much support for anything other than the pre-Trib Rapture. Maybe that’s because they are right. Pre-Trib is true. But maybe it’s because they want it to be true.

So what? Why does this matter?

It matters because the Church is woefully unprepared. If the Rapture comes before things get tough, who needs to make any kind of preparation? And yet the Word of God tells us time and again that we are supposed to be prepared. Immediately following the warnings and instructions of being prepared (Mt 24) we find the curious parable about the ten bridesmaids. All ten of the bridesmaids fall asleep waiting for the he’s-running-late groom. When it’s finally announced, “He’s almost here! Come out and meet him,” all ten oil lamps have gone out. Five of the bridesmaids brought extra oil with them and five did not. Those without any more oil ask those with extra to give them some. Now as a good Christian we would expect the response to be, “Sure, have some of mine; I have extra.” Nope. The “foolish” ones are told to go to the store and buy some.” (Mt 25:1-9). It’s midnight. What store is open where you can buy some? And exactly how would they find their way to the store even if it were open since their lamps have gone out? it’s too late and the unprepared bridesmaids are left out.

This parable is clearly about lack of preparation and its consequences. Wishful thinking and lack of preparation always lead to unintended and frequently undesirable consequences.

Church, PLEASE WAKE UP. Please stop with the, “I don’t know and I don’t care” attitude towards prophecy. This is a spiritual battle we’re engaged in; right now there’s a spirit of complacency over the Church. Jesus is coming back. Soon. Even if it turns out to be pre-Trib, are you absolutely positive that you will recognize Jesus’ voice when He calls? (John 10:27) In what way are you and your family prepared to go through rough times ahead? Think about this whole virus-stay-home-thing. It came upon us almost without warning. So will the Rapture. If you’d known that the virus shut down was coming, how would you have prepared?

My friend, Peggy Nickel (who I wish hadn’t moved away) says of the Rapture:

  • Pray for pre-Trib
  • Prepare for mid-Trib
  • Plan for post-Trib

So, is the currently mainstream pre-Trib position true or wishful thinking?

Please, neither offhandedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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