Gog-Magog War

Last time we looked at the Psalm 83 war which, if prophecy scholars are correct, could happen at pretty much any time now, given the more-than-usual hostility of the terrorist factions in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.  Another war predicted in the Bible also falls in the Watchmen on the Wall’s Why Now end times’ column because of geopolitical considerations. The prophet Ezekiel devotes two full chapters, 38 and 39, to what’s usually referred to as the Gog-Magog war. 2500 years ago, Ezekiel wrote that it happens in the “latter days,” “last years,” not all the conditions are in place, however. Since Israel is not living in safety, this war can only happen after the Psalm 83 war and/or when the seven year treaty is signed that armies “invade a land of unwalled villages…a peaceful and unsuspecting people – all of them living without walls and without gates and bars.” (Ez 38:11) 

What appears to be an invincible army (“whole army,” “great horde,” “all its troops,” “many nations and all their troops,” “all the hordes,” “like a cloud covering the land”)  invades a peaceful, unprotected Israel. The result is a TOTAL defeat of the attackers that shocks the world because this war is won, not by the exceedingly strong Israeli defense forces (IDF), nor by any of Israel’s allies coming to their defense, but by God alone. And everybody knows it. “I will make myself known in the sight of many nations. Then they will know that I am the LORD” (Ez 38:23).

So why is this war expected relatively soon? Geopolitical alliances (friendship or military agreements between countries) are fairly short lived, usually measured in decades or even years. It’s only been in the last five years or so that Russia, Iran and Turkey have been drawing together politically. The countries listed in the alliance of Gog-Magog attackers are:

  • Gog-Magog = today’s Russia in the leadership role
  • Persia = today’s Iran
  • Cush = today’s Southern Egypt, Northern Sudan, Ethiopia
  • Put = today’s Libya as well as part of Ethiopia
  • Gomer = today’s Southern Russia
  • Beth Togarmah = today’s Turkey

Notice which countries are NOT in this alliance – Gaza, Lebanon and Syria, with their currently active terrorist organizations of Hamas, Hezbollah, Fatah. Prophecy scholars believe these countries are missing from the list because they were obliterated, or at least seriously weakened, in the Psalm 83 war. Another reason for the Why Now is that Israel finally has “stuff” worth plundering: technology, gas, oil, maybe gold. This not an ideological or religious war but strictly a financial one, “have you come to plunder?…to carry off silver and gold?” On Sept. 1, 2020, Jared Kushner, Senior Advisor to Pres. Trump, said, “… the reality is that a lot of people are envious of the move that the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has made. A lot of people want access to the technology, economy and the advancements that Israel has. Israel is like another Silicon Valley for the Middle East.”

So how does the world know that this overwhelming Gog-Magog defeat comes from the hand of God? God’s Word tells us that He causes this war. He points out that His prophets said He would bring you (the invading armies) against them (Israel); He puts hooks in their jaws and brings them out of the North and puts it into their minds to attack Israel. Why? For His Glory. So that the whole world knows that God exists and that He is the LORD; that He alone governs the actions of men on the planet.

How does the world recognize that it is God and not armies that defeat the coalition? There’s a GREAT earthquake in the land; the fish in the sea, the birds of the sky, the beasts of the field, every creature that moves along the ground and all the peoples of the earth tremble; mountains are overturned, cliffs crumble, every wall falls to the ground. Every soldier’s sword is turned against his brother; plague bloodshed, torrents of rain, hailstones, and burning sulfur fall on the invading troops. That should do it!

Here’s what’s really dumbfounding. We know that this war takes place at least seven years before Jesus’ Second Coming because Ezekiel says it takes that long to burn the weapons. So, if people recognize that God exists and that this is of Him, why don’t they turn to God, repent of their sins and accept His forgiveness and the gift of redemption before or during the Tribulation? The ultimate in foolishness! No wonder Jesus said the worst thing you can call someone is “fool.” (Mt. 5:22)

Time to look up. Jesus is coming soon.

Please, neither offhandedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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