Captain May I…Part 1

Remember that game you played as a kid, Captain May I? Somebody is the Captain and everyone else spreads out across the yard. The Captains calls to someone, “Take a…” You answer. “Captain may I?” The Captain says either, “Yes you may,” or “No you may not.”

Thanks to the corona virus unleased on the world, there’s a global Captain May I game going on. Let’s play!

Captain: “Heading-toward-one-world-economy, take a giant step forward”

Heading-toward-one-world-economy: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Heading-toward-one-world-economy takes a giant step forward and cranks up the move to a cashless society by phasing out coins. In the last couple of years several countries (Canada, Bermuda) have stopped the circulation of their lowest denominator currency. Signs at stores read no change given; signs at banks read, please turn in coins. Heading-toward-one-world-economy also cranks up movement toward digital currencies. China just conducted a significant pre-rollout test for its official version of bitcoin.

Captain: “Destroyer of Freedom of Speech, take a giant step forward”

Destroyer of Freedom of Speech: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Destroyer of Freedom of Speech takes a giant step forward and using social media platforms and individuals to convinces many that if what you believe is right then anyone who doesn’t agree with you is wrong and, of course, wrong has no rights. Someone with power decides that a bit of information is wrong, it disappears. Labeling things “hate speech” has advanced Destroyer of Freedom of Speech‘s campaign significantly. Then there’s the whole “cancel culture” bit. Wow. Nothing is designed to make one conform more than the “You agree with me or I cancel you” threat.

Captain: “Destroyer of Freedom of the Press, take a giant step forward”

Destroyer of Freedom of the Press: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Destroyer of Freedom of the Press takes a giant step forward. Printed newspaper companies are slowly going out of business. Not only are they facing huge financial pressure from investors amidst ever lower readers and advertisers but they are also facing content pressure from many sides. Ever more fearful of saying the wrong thing and pissing somebody off big time, they say nothing at all. Instead of uncovering truth and standing up for it, today’s journalists are merely parroting what they’ve been handed. Because I read so many news sites daily, I occasionally find word-for-word articles from completely unrelated news organizations.

Captain: “Destroyer of Personal Privacy, take a giant step forward”

Destroyer of Personal Privacy: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Destroyer of Personal Privacy takes a giant step forward. When the pandemic first received its label, people talked about being traced if they left the house. It began to dawn on people that they were already being traced via their phone or in home devices. The virus is used to further boost the individual’s acceptance of being tracked under the guise of keeping us safe from sick people. In fact, when the Destroyer of Personal Privacy thought the Captain wasn’t watching, he snuck another giant step forward – contact tracing. People now are paid to phone you, text you or knock on your door seeking personal information regarding your whereabouts and people you’ve been in contact with. To keep you safe.

Captain: “Destroyer of Right to Assemble, take a giant step forward”

Destroyer of Right to Assemble: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

The Destroyer of Right to Assemble takes a giant step forward. Can’t travel. Planes grounded. No, it’s OK, just wear a mask. Stay six feet away. Social distance. No touching; elbow bumps. No crowds over 5 people, over 8, over 12, over 20, over 25% capacity, over 50%. Stay home. Churches are the worst places. Shut down schools. Bars aren’t so bad. Apparently gyms aren’t either. Figure out how to do Tricks or Treats differently. Thanksgiving. Christmas. What family? Let’s all Zoom in; it’ll be fun! One of the consequences of discouraging family gatherings is that we discourage thoughtful discussions. It’s the Holidays when we get to talk with others in our family and exchange information, discuss beliefs, broach new ideas and hug the new babies. Destroyer of Right to Assemble on a global perspective has used Covid to pretty well to squash Hong Kong’s pro-democracy demonstrations. China took full advantage of the virus to order everybody to stay home, thus eliminating all demonstrations. In other places (Belarus, Taiwan) however, people are defying the authorities and demonstrating against injustice and corruption.

Please, neither off-handedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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