Captain May I…Part 2

Captain: “Heading-toward-one-world-government, take a giant step forward”

Heading-toward-one-world-government: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

So Heading-Toward-One-World-Government takes a giant step forward. “We’re all in this together” was trumpeted all over the world, encouraging people to come together even as they were being forced apart. Great rallying line, “We’re all in this together.” How can one criticize such a noble concept? Except, of course, we’re not really all in this together A very small percent of people made a serious chunk of change out of this virus, think research, pharmaceuticals, investment savvy, money in the right places; think those who were already rich. But a rapidly growing and a not-so-small percentage of people have slipped into poverty. Through the virus’ fulltime information machine, we’re told it takes international cooperation among nations and their citizens and their scientists and pharmaceuticals to lick this pandemic. We receive daily information on other countries and their battle with Covid. We are told about various countries and their race for a vaccine. We see protests in other countries. We’re being educated on Climate Change and how it must be solved on a global basis.

Captain: “Reliance on the government, take a giant step forward”

Reliance on the government: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Reliance on the Government took a giant step forward because of the virus. Millions of people were suddenly ripped out of their normal lives and under various degrees of lockdown. Families aren’t the same. Work looks different – if you’re even working. The economy slammed to a halt. Unemployment shot through every imaginable ceiling. Government money was frantically poured out in an effort to prevent total collapse. Some 3+ trillion dollars of it. Companies have gone out of business and so have their employees. Whole industries are vanishing and taking people with them. How do you pay your rent? How does your landlord pay his mortgage? How do the mortgage banks protect their depositors? Everybody needs bailing out. Where’s all this extra money coming from? How long can the government keep “printing money?” How long can the free money continue? How long can people live without free money? There’s global talk of universal income or guaranteed basic income. St. Paul is experimenting with giving $500 month to some families.

Captain: “Distrust Everything, take a giant step forward”

Distrust Everything: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may. In fact, take two”

Distrust Everything takes giant steps forward with great ease. Simply say one thing today, change it tomorrow, then back again. Have experts disagree. And contradict themselves. Keep it up for months. Or make this person a hero today and a villain next week. Who are the good guys? WHO (World Health Organization) has been back peddling and then forward lurching since before the virus hit the newspapers. How about the CDC? (Center for Disease Control) They don’t have a huge fan club. Last April there was a commercial consisting of sounds bites from various “dumb” things Trump had been saying. One clip had him saying. “No, I don’t believe we’ll need 30 to 40,000 additional ventilators.” For weeks that commercial annoyed me frequently. Then mid-April when the fear about ventilators quieted down some, I thought, “Hmmm, I wonder if Trump is going to turn out to be right on this one; I bet we aren’t gonna  need 40,000 more ventilators.” On Sunday, April 26 that commercial ran again, but this time it had Trump saying, “No, I don’t believe we’re going to need 20 to 30,000 ventilators.” I was shocked; They changed his words to suit their cause. I didn’t know you could do that.

Captain: “Believe Anything or Nothing, take a giant step forward”

Believe Anything or Nothing: “Captain may I?”

Captain: “Yes you may”

Believe Anything or Nothing takes a giant step forward and says, “I’ll just turn their brain to mush!” We are bombarded with noise and within that noise some more noise containing words that bounce around but aren’t necessarily connected even if at first glance they look as though they might be. How’s that for a run on sentence! Information pops up then disappears and/or is disavowed. We’re stuck at home perfecting or adding to our favorite addictions. Music. Food. Reading. Movies. Games. These things dull our minds making information harder to digest and to “critically” think about what we’re being told. It’s easy to just let “facts” waft around without analyzing them. It seems an impossible task to sort out facts from lies. And that is exactly what the Enemy, the behind-the-scenes Captain of the Game, Satan wants: to prepare us to believe the Big Lie.

Please, neither off-handedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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