Well Done, Alex

This post comes under the category of, “It’s my blog I can write what I want to.”

Alex Trebek, host of the long-running game show, Jeopardy, has died. I shall miss him greatly. For decades I had fun trying to answer the questions. Not only did his program stand up for knowledge and facts and intelligence and correct thinking, but it also showcased a man who had the personal courage to stand up for his faith in the public eye. Every episode of Jeopardy had at least one question, if not an entire category, about God and/or the Bible. Should someone aspire to being a champion on Jeopardy he/she knew that they would face questions that required at least a passing knowledge of God’s Word.

And every viewer, every day, had their attention turned to God for at least a moment. Not one of us viewers can stand before God and claim, “I didn’t know.” Yes, we did. Alex made sure to point out that Truth.

How many sermons have each of us heard reminding us of our personal responsibility to use the gifts God gave us in the unique situation where He placed us to spread the Good News? Alex did just that as the host of Jeopardy. We need to follow his example and display the necessary courage to spread the Word just where God planted us to the “audience” of the people He placed around us.

In an era where the media does everything possible to ignore or put down God and Truth, Alex stood tall. Let us do the same thing.

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