Another Take on Wars and Rumors of Wars. The Calm Before the Storm?

A blog posting on this site from about eighteen months ago, talked in general of wars and rumors of wars as one of the warnings Jesus listed among the signs of His imminent return. (Mt 24:6) The world-at-war situation has now moved from the general to the particular, so let’s look at what specific wars are taking place and/or are on the verge of doing so.

The main belligerents right now are Russia and China. These two countries are particularly interesting because they figure prominently in the End Times scenario. Most serious prophecy scholars believe that Russia is the most likely candidate to be the ringleader of the Ezekiel 38, War of Gog and Magog, in which Israel is overwhelmingly attacked. China is the probable ringleader of the Kings of the East (Rev 16:12) who surround Jerusalem, ushering in the Second Coming of Christ.

It’s very important that we recognize that almost nothing predicted in the End Times’ prophecies will happen suddenly, but rather things gradually change and move towards the final seven years.

Since the War of Gog Magog has never happened, it remains to be fulfilled in the times ahead. And since there isn’t much time ahead before the official start of the Tribulation, this war must already be in the preparation stage. Currently, Russia has amassed over 100,000 troops, drones, military equipment, medics, food and other support supplies on multiple borders of Ukraine. Everyone is speculating, “Will Russia invade the Ukraine?” Probably not with the Olympics going on because China would be VERY unhappy about Russia upstaging their headlines. Now that the Olympics are winding down, however, Russia will probably start escalating. Even if they don’t invade, Russia will have learned a great deal from the staging preparation experience and that knowledge will improve their ability to go to war with other countries, including Israel.

At this time, Russia may or may not have an actual plan to invade Israel, but they are getting prepared, none-the-less. Looks like Russia might, in fact, have other plans in mind when God pulls him into war in Israel. The Bible says, “I will turn you around, put hooks in your jaws and bring you out with your whole army – your horses, your horsemen fully armed, and a great horde with large and small shields and helmets…” Ez 38:4 If Russia invades the Ukraine, will anyone stop them? They haven’t before. Nobody is willing to risk a major war, so appeasement is in order. History proves that appeasement never works in the long run. About a week ago (pre-figure skater drug use) there was an interesting article that said of course Russia can terrorize their neighbors; whatever Russia does, they always get away with it. In the ramp to the Israel invasion, no one stops them, they merely whisper, “Have you come to plunder?” Ez 38:13

Also with the Olympics going on, there has been a lull in China’s harassing its neighbors. Wouldn’t want to spoil the propaganda machine with the whole world watching! For the past several years, however, China has been creating new islands in the South China Seas and building airstrips on them. Most nations verbally objected but no one actually stopped them. They have been harassing first Hong Kong and now Taiwan. The Wuhan virus put an immediate end to public outcries and demonstrations in Hong Kong so China can safely ignore the promises it made to Great Britain about Hong Kong. Who’s going to stop China from forcing Hong Kong into it’s dictatorship? No one; certainly not Great Britain with whom the agreement regarding Hong Kong was made. No doubt when the Olympics are over, China will go back to threatening Taiwan and may actually engage in out and out war. Who will stop them? Nobody. The other nations near Taiwan know they could be next and are legitimately frightened and scrambling to build alliances.

Just as Russia is doing, China too, will learn a great deal about how to conduct war and what to expect as a reaction from other nations in preparations for the coming King of the East joining the Battle of Armageddon. In the Bible prophecies, both Russia and China are joined in their war mongering by smaller nations. Those nations are currently making the news and at war or getting ready for war: Turkey, Iran, Ethiopia, Syria, Lebanon to name a few.

Many Christians are inclined to think, “What do I care, I will be raptured out of here before any of this happens.”

Don’t be so sure; you’re very likely wrong about that.

Please, neither offhandedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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