Strange Bedfellows

“Politics may make strange bedfellows but economic crises make even stranger ones.” as quoted from Tmes, Sunday Times

Let’s talk about geopolitical alliances, that is countries who have agreed with one or more other countries to work together for mutual benefit, usually military or economic. Generally speaking such alliances only endure for a couple of decades or even just a few years. The alliances we need to be concerned about are those that relate to the End Times.

In other words, anything to do with Israel since Israel is the key to understanding everything about the Tribulation.  As I hope you’re aware, Israel has been unjustly condemned by most countries and organizations including the European Union and the United Nations as being in the wrong regarding the Palestinians, never mind that the facts of situations say otherwise. Boycotts of products from Israel have been ongoing for quite a while, so the following blurb is  very much of interest:

EU-Israel Association Council to be revived after a decade
European Union foreign ministers unanimously voted in Brussels on Monday to revive a high-level dialogue with Israel. The EU-Israel Association Council is a body established by the European states in 1995, meant to ensure dialogue and strengthen relations between the countries. However, the council has not met since 2012. “The position of the EU has not changed with respect to the Middle East peace process, and we will continue… supporting the two-state solution.”

Why has the EU suddenly decided to play nice? Energy. Israel has a significant source of gas and has built the infrastructure to pump it, refine it and ship it. So what, said the EU, we don’t need no stinkin’ gas from you, we get plenty from Russia. Whoops. Suddenly there’s a problem. If Russia continues to use energy as a weapon of war, Europe will not have enough for their business, military and general population needs. Snubbing Israel is no longer a safe strategy.

India and Israel have had cordial relations for several years and India is a major buyer of military equipment from Israel. However, the following blurb should raise a red flag:

Richest man in India buys Israel’s main harbor
Israel announced last week that it would sell Haifa Port to Adani Ports of India and Gadot Chemical Terminals based in Netanya for $1.18 billion. The announcement marks the culmination of a two-year tender process. It is hoped that the new management will lower import prices and help shorten long wait times.

Why worrying? To hand over control of your country’s major sea port might not be such a good idea in the coming wars against Israel. What if India behaves like an angry neighborhood kid that decides not to be your friend and takes his ball and goes home?  Israel’s friend in this case would be taking their port and going home. Shut it down and Israel won’t be able to supply their troops or import food for their citizens.

The heads of state for Iran, Turkey, and Russia met this week. Notice that it’s the very top officials in a face-to-face meeting. That means something important is happening.  It is not yet known what kind of a deal they’re making, but it is known that these three nations apparently assume the aggressor leadership role in the coming Gog-Magog war of Ezekiel 38-39.  This is the war where many nations seem to sit on the sidelines asking, “Have you come for plunder?” Israel didn’t have much worth plundering until very recent years. Now it has gas, oil, water desalinization technology, medical equipment and military know-how. And much, much more.

Arab nations and Israel have drawn closer together since the signing of the Abraham Accords during the Trump administration. There is a definite swing in Arab nations’ sympathies against the Palestinians and towards Israel. Just last week Saudi Arabia opened its airways to direct flights from Israel. The treaty with “the many” (Dan 9:27) may well be with Arab nations.

China-Solomon Islands security agreement has caused many nations to raise their eyebrows in concern. China is not hiding its ambitions of world dominance and is relentlessly building out their One Belt One Road They are creating new islands to use as airbases and courting small Pacific islands, lending them money and promising them security. These island nations are ignored by most other nations until wartime proves how very valuable they are in terms of supply and fuel pit stops. Come the Tribulation war of the Kings of the East, (Rev 9:16, 16:12) China will be at a very distinct advantage, controlling, sea, road, air and rail transportation.

We are moving relentlessly towards the Tribulation; the stage is being set at a faster and faster pace. It is a mistake to assume that we will be raptured out of here before things get bad. Things are already getting bad and we’re still here. Unfortunately, things are going to continue to get worse and we’ll still be here.

Please, neither offhandedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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