What Makes Me Think We’re In The End Times?

A few weeks ago I talked with a Christian friend about getting serious again about this blog and asked her what people wanted to hear about. She said, “Why you think we’re in the End Times.”

Okay. So let’s start with Define your terms, what do we mean by the term, “End Times?“ Technically the End Times is that period of time between Jesus Christ’s first appearance on Earth and His Second Coming. But for purposes of this blog, the End Times = those less-than-ten years just prior to the Tribulation (which starts with the signing of a seven-year treaty between Israel and “the many.” Dan 9:27)

In the years leading up to Covid in 2020, Biblical prophecy scholars, writers and speakers were saying that the signs of the times were looking more and more as though the Tribulation could be just around the corner. When the lockdown started and mob control psychology kicked in, these same scholars collectively sat up and took notice. Why? What’s making the Watchmen on the Wall and even many main stream church pastors suddenly start teaching about The Book of Revelation and warning about the culture we live in?

Why now? Haven’t they been predicting Jesus Second Coming for a long time? Everybody’s predictions have been wrong; nothing’s happened. 2Peter 3:3-4 What makes people think that this time it’s really real?

Let’s consider three ways of looking at it:

  • Why Now
  • The conversion of Signs from scripture
  • Setting the  Stage

Why now? Because technology, communications, military weapons, Artificial Intelligence, digital ID tracking and others have all advanced to a point that makes predictions feasible.  When reading the Book of Revelation or other prophetic books, you are constantly bumping up against something that doesn’t make plain sense. How can that be? Many of the things for which there seemed no literal way to make that happen are now quite doable. For instance, Rev. chapter 11 talks about people all over the world seeing the two witnesses’ dead bodies lying in the courtyard. How could that have happened 50 years ago?  It couldn’t have.  25 years ago? Sort of. Today? No problem.

The convergence of signs from scripture. The disciples asked Jesus what would be the signs warning us that his return is close at hand.  He gave them quite a long list and the writers of the other gospels and of the epistles added to that list. But there’s a problem with the list, it consists mostly of things that have been happening through the ages: earthquakes, drought, pestilence. So how do we know when to be aware?  Which ones count and which ones don’t? It’s “When all these things begin to happenLuke 21:28”.

Not just one sign here and two more there, but all the signs in motion and getting stronger at the same time. For instance, many of the warning signs focus on damage to the planet. World-wide natural disasters are a case in point. Two years ago it seemed as if natural disaster followed natural disaster, one right after the other. Now it seems there are overlapping ecological disasters: fires, flooding, drought, wind. There’s no time to catch your breath.

The Bible tells us that during the Tribulation there will be a one world dictator. You will not, however, simply wake up one fine morning and see some guy who is on every media outlet informing us that he now runs the world and we better get on board. Things have to be in place for the antichrist to be in position to run the world. The stage has to be set. For instance, all currency, in all forms, from all countries and/or organizations must be uniform and controllable. You can’t run the world if you do not control money completely.

Stay tuned for future postings on things that are going on in this world and why they matter to you and your family.

Please, neither offhandedly accept nor reject what is said in this blog. Check it out. Look it up for yourself in the Bible. If you are a child of God, you are in good hands and there is the most wonderful eternity waiting for you. If you are not a Christ follower, now is a really good time to honestly explore the truth claims of the Bible.

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