Pop Up Prophecy – Locusts

It seems these days that every time you read the news there’s yet another article that points to prophecy fulfillment capabilities; “locusts” are no exception. In Revelation chapter 9, John writes about the judgement that falls on mankind when the fifth trumpet  is sounded: locusts come out of the abyss and for five months stingContinue reading “Pop Up Prophecy – Locusts”

Red Heifers Bring The Third Temple Ever Closer

Something pretty important happened a couple of weeks ago. Five red heifers were flown from ranches in Texas to Israel. Why is that important? Since it is necessary for there to be a Temple in Jerusalem during the Tribulation (Revelation 11) it is, therefore, also necessary to have a red heifer. According to Numbers ChapterContinue reading “Red Heifers Bring The Third Temple Ever Closer”

Pop Up Prophecy: Executive Order 14067

Today is an important date because today, September 9, 2022 is the date that Federal agencies owe President Biden a report on their agency’s ability to handle digital currency transactions. Last March 9, Biden ordered all agencies, especially the IRS, to let him know how they could switch over from the paper dollar to theContinue reading “Pop Up Prophecy: Executive Order 14067”

Warning Signs From the Bible: Famine

How we know that we’re in the end times. For purposes of this blog, the End Times = those less-than-ten years just prior to the Tribulation (which starts with the signing of a seven-year treaty between Israel and “the many.” Dan 9:27) God has a long history of using famine to accomplish His purpose stretchingContinue reading “Warning Signs From the Bible: Famine”

Pestilence = Moneypox Pt 2

Last time we looked at a few news clips collected over the summer months showing the Media’s take on the progression of  the disease Let’s look a little closer at the pestilence, Monkeypox. For decades Doctors have known monkeypox as a fairly rare disease coming out of the jungles of Africa. The United States hasContinue reading “Pestilence = Moneypox Pt 2”

Pestilence = Monkeypox Pt 1

Among the things Jesus pointed to as warning signs of the end times and His near return is “pestilence.” Luke 21:11 There are two primary forms of pestilence: insects such as locusts and virus-spreading diseases   In the USA we are in day 800-something of the 14 day stay home order to flatten the curveContinue reading “Pestilence = Monkeypox Pt 1”

What Makes Me Think We’re In The End Times?

A few weeks ago I talked with a Christian friend about getting serious again about this blog and asked her what people wanted to hear about. She said, “Why you think we’re in the End Times.” Okay. So let’s start with Define your terms, what do we mean by the term, “End Times?“ Technically theContinue reading “What Makes Me Think We’re In The End Times?”

Strange Bedfellows

“Politics may make strange bedfellows but economic crises make even stranger ones.” Collinsdictionary.com as quoted from Tmes, Sunday Times Let’s talk about geopolitical alliances, that is countries who have agreed with one or more other countries to work together for mutual benefit, usually military or economic. Generally speaking such alliances only endure for a coupleContinue reading “Strange Bedfellows”