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“They Exchanged the Truth for a Lie” Part 1 (Romans 1:25)

For several weeks people urged me to watch, “The Social Dilemma.” Frankly, I was pretty much blown away. Not by the contents of the program but by people’s surprise at the contents. Why the surprise? It’s been blatantly obvious for years that people are absolutely addicted to their phones and social media. It’s been prettyContinue reading ““They Exchanged the Truth for a Lie” Part 1 (Romans 1:25)”

Kings of the East

The Book of Revelation says that the kings of the east will field two hundred million mounted troops, “twice ten thousand times ten thousand…I heard their number.” (9:14-16) According to John Walvoord, one of the great Twentieth Century prophecy scholars, in a Time magazine, May 21, 1965 article China boasted of having this many militaryContinue reading “Kings of the East”

Gog-Magog War

Last time we looked at the Psalm 83 war which, if prophecy scholars are correct, could happen at pretty much any time now, given the more-than-usual hostility of the terrorist factions in Gaza, Lebanon, and Syria.  Another war predicted in the Bible also falls in the Watchmen on the Wall’s Why Now end times’ columnContinue reading “Gog-Magog War”

Psalm 83 War

“Come,” they say, “let us destroy them as a nation, that the name of Israel be remembered no more.” Who said this and when did they say it? If you guessed the Palestinians of Gaza, Hamas, Fatah, PLO, Hezbollah and/or the countries of Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Jordon and Egypt sometime in the past few years,Continue reading “Psalm 83 War”

POP-UP Prophecy Intro

This is a new idea I have for the blog, Ringing The Bell. From time to time – ever more frequently lately – there’s something in the news that seems to directly relate to Biblical end times prophecy. Usually I’d be hard pressed to do a regular length blog on the topic but I thinkContinue reading “POP-UP Prophecy Intro”


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