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Last week (March 1), I was having lunch with some Christian friends and the conversation eventually turned to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what the coalition of nations were doing to sanction Russia. My concern, I said, was that after this particular war was over, the nations would say, “See what we can accomplishContinue reading “Discernment”

A Sign From Heaven

Jesus chastised the Pharisees and Sadducees when they asked Him for a sign from Heaven. He pointed out that they knew how to read the signs from the sky regarding weather but they (who knew and taught scriptures), couldn’t discern the signs of the times, meaning that He was the predicted Messiah.(Mt 16:1-4) Luke saysContinue reading “A Sign From Heaven”

Holding Our Breath

This blog has been very silent for quite a while. It’s not that there aren’t plenty of things to talk about as we get closer and closer to the Tribulation and Jesus’ Second Coming, but frankly, I didn’t have much motivation. The church I attend had their women’s retreat the first weekend in February andContinue reading “Holding Our Breath”

Man At The Door

As some of you know, this blog has been suspended since early December of 2020 due to a nasty accident resulting in a badly broken femur. Thank you for all the prayers that were directed towards helping me heal. I am just now feeling as though I have the mental energy to resume the blog.Continue reading “Man At The Door”

Prayers for Dianne

Yesterday, Dianne took a fall down some stairs and has broken her femur. She will be heading into surgery this morning around 10am. Sounds like a pretty intense surgery/recovery – please keep her in your prayers. I know she covets your prayer. With months of recovery ahead of her, the blog will be on holdContinue reading “Prayers for Dianne”


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