Warning Signs From the Bible: Famine

How we know that we’re in the end times. For purposes of this blog, the End Times = those less-than-ten years just prior to the Tribulation (which starts with the signing of a seven-year treaty between Israel and “the many.” Dan 9:27) God has a long history of using famine to accomplish His purpose stretchingContinue reading “Warning Signs From the Bible: Famine”

Another Take on Wars and Rumors of Wars. The Calm Before the Storm?

A blog posting on this site from about eighteen months ago, talked in general of wars and rumors of wars as one of the warnings Jesus listed among the signs of His imminent return. (Mt 24:6) The world-at-war situation has now moved from the general to the particular, so let’s look at what specific warsContinue reading “Another Take on Wars and Rumors of Wars. The Calm Before the Storm?”

Kings of the East

The Book of Revelation says that the kings of the east will field two hundred million mounted troops, “twice ten thousand times ten thousand…I heard their number.” (9:14-16) According to John Walvoord, one of the great Twentieth Century prophecy scholars, in a Time magazine, May 21, 1965 article China boasted of having this many militaryContinue reading “Kings of the East”