True or Wishful Thinking?

This is a Thinking Out Loud blog. My husband, Mike Kearns, asked me one time, “Do you think people are basically good or basically evil?” Without considering I responded, “Basically good.” “Why,” he asked, “do you think so?” “Because,” I answered, “I want it to be true.” This is not the blog I planned toContinue reading “True or Wishful Thinking?”

Rapture Timing

Looking For The Rapture Of the eight things we are watching for, the Rapture is the only one left that can actually be accomplished just like that…bam! Whish! Gone! No specific warning signs or pre-conditions required. From a scriptural point of view it could have happened 1000 years ago, or 100; it could happen today.Continue reading “Rapture Timing”

Watching Rapture

What we are watching for Back in the day when people used to wander malls there were kiosks with maps and little arrows saying, “You are here.” You could determine where you were in relationship to where you wanted to be. Our current “You are here” locates us before the Rapture and before the Tribulation.Continue reading “Watching Rapture”

The Best Place To Start Is With Daniel

Daniel was a teenager living the good life in Jerusalem as the son of that society’s one percenters. Daniel and other children of the upper class were marched into captivity in Babylon after the capture of Jerusalem about 605 BC. Talk about a culture shock! From the very beginning, Daniel proved himself to be notContinue reading “The Best Place To Start Is With Daniel”

End Times and Beyond

I am so struggling about what to say and in what order to say it. Everything seems to me as though it should be said first. End times prophecy is such a complicated, convoluted subject and one thing is dependent on another and leads to yet something else. Below is a “chart” I put togetherContinue reading “End Times and Beyond”