The goal of this blog is to help wake up The Church. Jesus is coming back. Soon. It’s time for the Church to get serious about God’s prophetic Word regarding His Second Coming. This blog will try to explain – at an overview level – what the Bible says about the times leading up to His Second Coming.

Latest from the Blog

Strange Bedfellows

“Politics may make strange bedfellows but economic crises make even stranger ones.” Collinsdictionary.com as quoted from Tmes, Sunday Times Let’s talk about geopolitical alliances, that is countries who have agreed with one or more other countries to work together for mutual benefit, usually military or economic. Generally speaking such alliances only endure for a coupleContinue reading “Strange Bedfellows”

The Doomsday Clock

It’s time for me to get back to writing this blog and it is time for the Church to get really, really serious about waking up and spreading the Word. What finally got me motivated to start writing again was last Sunday’s sermon by Pastor Rob on the letter to the church at Sardis RevContinue reading “The Doomsday Clock”

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