The goal of this blog is to help wake up The Church. Jesus is coming back. Soon. It’s time for the Church to get serious about God’s prophetic Word regarding His Second Coming. This blog will try to explain – at an overview level – what the Bible says about the times leading up to His Second Coming.

Latest from the Blog

Pop Up Prophecy – Locusts

It seems these days that every time you read the news there’s yet another article that points to prophecy fulfillment capabilities; “locusts” are no exception. In Revelation chapter 9, John writes about the judgement that falls on mankind when the fifth trumpet  is sounded: locusts come out of the abyss and for five months sting…

For Such A Time As This

Remember the story of Esther? She was the Queen of Persia during the time when the King had been talked into issuing a decree that all the Jews were to be murdered on a certain day. She was Jewish and her Uncle Mordecai told her she needed to go to the King and get him…

Red Heifers Bring The Third Temple Ever Closer

Something pretty important happened a couple of weeks ago. Five red heifers were flown from ranches in Texas to Israel. Why is that important? Since it is necessary for there to be a Temple in Jerusalem during the Tribulation (Revelation 11) it is, therefore, also necessary to have a red heifer. According to Numbers Chapter…

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