The goal of this blog is to help wake up The Church. Jesus is coming back. Soon. It’s time for the Church to get serious about God’s prophetic Word regarding His Second Coming. This blog will try to explain – at an overview level – what the Bible says about the times leading up to His Second Coming.

Latest from the Blog

Suppose They Gave a War

During the Vietnam War in the sixties, there was a popular saying, “Suppose they gave a war and nobody came?” Today the saying would be most appropriate if it said, “Suppose they gave a lot of different wars at the same time and everybody came?” You could choose the kind of war you want toContinue reading “Suppose They Gave a War”


Last week (March 1), I was having lunch with some Christian friends and the conversation eventually turned to the Russian invasion of Ukraine and what the coalition of nations were doing to sanction Russia. My concern, I said, was that after this particular war was over, the nations would say, “See what we can accomplishContinue reading “Discernment”

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