Man At The Door

As some of you know, this blog has been suspended since early December of 2020 due to a nasty accident resulting in a badly broken femur. Thank you for all the prayers that were directed towards helping me heal. I am just now feeling as though I have the mental energy to resume the blog. Plus it’s taken some time to get caught up on the news and the craziness of this world. I want to resume the blog, however, by telling you a God story about something that happened while I was in rehab.

The Bible study group I belong to met with me via Zoom for quite a while, beginning when I transferred from the hospital to the rehabilitation center. One day, early on in my rehab stay, I told my group that I sensed a heavy spirit of evil permeating the floor I was on. We talked about it a bit and they said they would be praying for me. I thought to myself, “That’s good but it will be OK because I have the man at the door guarding the entrance to my room.”

A few hours later I suddenly thought, “Wait a minute, what man at the door?” Obviously there was no literal person guarding my doorway. I realized that for the previous three nights on the numerous occasions that I woke up and looked towards the doorway I saw a being seemingly both substantial but also seemingly made of light. The being appeared to be sitting, sometimes sitting straight up, other times with his head and upper body bent forward as if in prayer. He looked as though he had on light-colored slacks and a dark shirt. It appeared as though he had a lean-to over his head and back. The light that permeated his being wasn’t blue, it wasn’t green and it wasn’t lavender; it was none of those colors and all of those colors. When I relayed this story to a very Godly, prayerful woman, she said those were the colors of Heaven.

I believe that I was being protected by an angel. I don’t say that lightly; I am by nature a rational, skeptical person. The spiritual world is something I am inclined to ignore.  I realize that I was in a great deal of pain which can cause the mind to play tricks. I was also on serious pain medications which definitely can cause the brain to play tricks. I truly do not think either pain or drugs were the explanation for what I observed. I really believe that the facility I was in has a demonic spirit. I had occasion to return to that facility as a visitor several weeks ago and again sensed evil. I was not anticipating it; it hadn‘t crossed my mind until I was in the building for a few minutes when it hit me. 

I truly believe that God sent an angel to guard me. As several of my friends know, last spring and summer when first writing this blog, strange and hurtful things kept happening in my house. It strikes me as being very prideful to think that this blog and my teaching on the end times is important enough to warrant attack and that, subsequently, I am being guarded. And yet, search as I might, I can find no other explanation.

Praise and glory go to God alone.

Next time I will resume the usual topics of the Ringing the Bell blog. Time to wake up.

One thought on “Man At The Door

  1. Welcome back Dianne! It brought joy to my heart when I saw my email notification from Ringing the Bell! So glad you’re doing better and praise God that he had an angel watching over you!


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